old vs new skool roofing companiesJust how important is branding for roofing companies you might ask? As a fellow user of the internet, a homeowner and business manager i’m in as good a position, if not better than any to say that when it comes to the roofing industry, as a general rule of thumb it would appear that design and branding isnt too important at all, after all, how many roofing company websites have you seen lately which look like a million dollars? I’d say 9 out of 10 roofing websites I have ever visited look like they have been thrown together for £99 just because, well the guy down the pub told me I should have one, or, everybody else seems to have one so I got one too.

The Roofing Industry is Still Relatively “Old Skool”

It’s a generalisation, I know that, but roofers remain in touch with the old skool and they still do relatively well with one foot in the past, lineage adverts in the yellow pages, advertising in the back of the paper, leaflet drops and of course, word of mouth, for established roofing companies you’ll often find the need for design and branding simply isnt there, not because a well designed and branded roofing website, optimised for search wouldnt pull in significantly more traffic and enquiries but for the fact that for many roofers they remain busy all year round from “old skool” methods of marketing, for younger businesses, and established businesses passed down from father to son there are plenty of occassions where its a case of out with the old and in with the new.

its never too late to be a new school rooferThe Roofing industry is Evolving

Take this little number I pulled up online recently, DryFix Roofline services, a Check a Trade approved roofer in Stafford from a little digging online the company is an offshoot of a company called Dryfix, Dryfix Roofline Services however is run by the son it would seem, Dryfix, established in 1992 is owned and operated by the father, I think we can probably guess what happened here, we have the old skool and we have the new skool ,the new skool has a well branded website and is in touch with search engines and key directories such as Check a Trade and trust a trader to build credibility and establish the online reputation, whilst the fathers more established business has little to no online presence. If you take a look at the Dryfix Roofline services website you’ll note an elegant design with a clean navigation menu and effortless inner linking structure with calls to action and a well designed contact form added in just the right places so whether you need flat roofing, a roof repair, want to see an overview of the companies roofing services or click through to external profiles to read reviews everything is available at the click of a button.

Whilst industries such as roofing can and do trade very well with one foot firmly in the past, the next generation of contractors will shape the future of the industry, with more and more new roofers, growing up in the age of the internet and using it on a daily basis over the next 5-10 years you can expect the futre to be shaped quite differently and become more in touch with “the now” whether it’s professional branding or well designed logos, well built websites or social media pages, the roofing industry is evolving at a rapid rate, but for now you’ll still find plenty of roofing companies in your local yellow pages and the back of your morning paper.